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Advertise your dental office with a beautiful assortment of imprinted dental products from maxill. Newspaper advertisements are expensive and only last a day. Imprinted dental items cost very little and keep on communicating your advertising message for months! Contact your sales representative or call 2648-7828 to find out more information about maxill's custom imprinting.

How do I place an order for imprinting?


Simply download and fill out an Imprinting Request Order Form:
pdf imprinting-request-form.pdf

Fill out all of the fields in the digital order request form using Adobe Acrobat. Once you are finished, save the Adobe Acrobat PDF document to your desktop. Attach the document in an e-mail, and send it to us at imprinting order request form, a sales representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours to verify your order.

If I want to send in artwork, what file format should I send?

If you require custom artwork such as your logo or trademark, the artwork must be provided in the proper digital format. We accept vector based files such as Adobe Illustrator, .EPS and/or Corel Draw. If the logo is a raster based format, the resolution must be a minimum of 300 PPI (pixels per inch). We will accept .PSD, .TIFF, and/or .PDF.

Low resolution .JPEG, .BMP or .GIF are NOT accepted. Please e-mail your digital artwork to